Our services are changing thanks to our INfluencers

We pride ourselves in putting our tenants at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been on a journey to improve the way we work with our involved tenants to ensure they continue to shape our services.

At the beginning of this year, we launched our Tenant INfluencer Network; a new opportunity designed to create one inclusive and INvolved tenant community. As part of this launch, our Group INfluencers joined us to discuss complaints relating to damp and mould at our first Quarterly Complaints Scrutiny Group.


You said communication throughout the complaints process needed to be improved

After reviewing two different case studies, our INfluencers all agreed that the communication with tenants during the complaints process could be improved. In particular, the INfluencers said that the lack of communication when there wasn’t an update on the complaint was disappointing. They said they’d rather hear from us to say there is 'no update yet, but we haven't forgotten about you', over hearing nothing at all. The group also raised concerns about the lack of detail when communicating with the tenant in one of the case studies. Our INfluencers explained that feeling ‘in the know’ makes them feel happier and less anxious and frustrated.

We carried out training about the importance of communication

In response to your feedback, our Tenant Voice Managers spoke with their teams about the importance of regular and detailed communication throughout the complaints process. Through training sessions and team meetings, our teams were reminded how important it is to agree a contact plan with tenants once the complaint has been raised. This means that during the first phone call, we’ll let you know exactly when and how we’ll contact you.

Where possible, we’ll speak to the tenant ahead of sending the complaint resolution letter, so that we can properly explain the content and ensure it has been understood. This also provides an opportunity for the tenant to ask any questions they may have. Alongside this, our Tenant Voice Managers will carry out regular quality checks on both written and verbal communication from complaints cases. This will help us ensure we’re providing an outstanding customer service and allow us to identify any areas where further training may be needed.

Laura Harvey, Head of Customer Experience said: “The tenants that came along were really engaged and offered valuable points and perspectives for us to consider. Hearing first-hand how our processes impact our tenants is exactly the sort of feedback we love, as it helps us make real and practical changes to our service.


We’d love to have you on board!

If you’d like to share your feedback on our services, then why not become a tenant INfluencer? It’s easy to have your voice heard in a way that suits you, with different levels of involvement and commitment. It’s a win-win for everyone - you develop new skills and get the chance to say what’s on your mind, while helping us understand what’s important to you. Head over to the get involved page below, to find out more about the benefits and sign up!