Tenant Satisfaction Measures - results

Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures reported below show our end of year performance (April 23 - March 24). There are 12 tenant perception questions which cover several areas, such as overall satisfaction and how safe people feel in their homes, these results are captured through customer feedback surveys. Alongside these there are 10 performance measures covering building safety, repairs, complaints and ASB, these come from our systems. 

The full list of all questions and their corresponding code can be found here.

Our results

A huge thank you to the 2626 people who answered the survey. We are committed to listening to the feedback received and utilising it to make real changes for the better.

Our customer feedback surveys are conducted throughout the year, click here to find out more about what to expect if you are contacted by IFF Research who are helping us to collect the feedback.

Full approach to TSM collection

Please read our full approach to collecting the TSMs here.

How we collected our results

Over the last year, a company called IFF Research contacted Flagship’s tenants across all three Housing Associations, as well as Shared Owners who completed the survey. 80% of surveys were completed by telephone and 20% online.

A fair representation

Targets were put in place to ensure a true representation of our tenants was factored into the sample of people surveyed. Age ranges, gender, location, and property type were targeted based on representation for each and we are happy to report that we were able to achieve these targets.

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How we're performing on TSMs

Results have been combined from our three housing associations, Newtide Homes, Samphire Homes and Victory Homes to give an overall picture of results across the Flagship Group.

April 2023 - March 2024

The overall satisfaction with the service provided (TP01)*


Repairs & building safety


Satisfied with our overall repairs service (TP02)*


Satisfied with the time taken to complete your repair (TP03)*


Satisfied with how well your home is maintained (TP04)*


Satisfied with the safety of your home (TP05)*


Gas safety checks carried out (BS01)*


Fire safety checks carried out (BS02)*


Asbestos safety checks carried out (BS03)*


Legionella risk assessment carried out (BS04)*


Communal passenger lift safety check carried out (BS05)*


Proportion of homes that don't meet the Decent Homes Standard (RP01)*


Non-emergency responsive repairs completed within timescales (RP02-1)*


Emergency responsive repairs completed within timescales (RP02-2)*

Engagement & respect


Satisfied your views are listened to and acted upon (TP06)*


Satisfied you're kept informed about the things that matter to you (TP07)*


Satisfied you're treated with fairness and respect (TP08)*

Effective handling of complaints


Satisfied with our approach to complaints handling (TP09)*


Stage 1 complaints received per 1000 homes (CH01-1)*


Stage 2 complaints received per 1000 homes (CHO1-2)*


Stage 1 complaints responded to within complaints handling code timescales (CH02-1)*


Stage 2 complaints responded to within complaints handling code timescales (CH02-2)*

Neighbourhood services


Communal areas are clean and well maintained (TP10)*


Positive contribution to your neighbourhood (TP11)*


Satisfied with our approach to handling anti social behaviour (TP12)*


Anti-social behaviour cases opened per 1000 homes (NM01-1)*


Anti-social cases that involve hate incidents opened per 1000 homes (NM01-2)*