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Loving where you live

Whether you're walking your dogs in the morning, taking your children to the playground or coming home after work, we want to ensure you feel comfortable in your community. We have a whole team of people who feel this way, and whose job it is to keep your community safe. This includes the Housing team and the Neighbourhood team, who will be happy to chat with you if you see them out and about.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

We want our tenants to be able to enjoy their lives and communities without being anxious about crime or disorder. We aim to provide and uphold secure and safe communities that people want to be a part of. However, from time to time the actions of others can have a negative impact on us and can start to affect our day to day lives.

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Keeping communal areas safe

When we talk about communal areas, this includes interior spaces like hallways, landings and laundry rooms. It's important we follow one important rule in these spaces, and that's to make sure we don't leave any personal belongings laying around. We enforce this rule strictly, because it's for the health & safety of all tenants using the space. 

Reporting fraud

If someone rents their home without permission, leaves their home without letting us know or has given false information to access a home, then this would be classed as ‘tenancy fraud’. Tenancy fraud is a serious crime and we do not tolerate it, so if you know someone who is acting fraudulently, please let us know as soon as possible. And don't worry, we won't give out your details. To find out more about fraud and how to report it, then visit our ‘Your Tenancy’ page. See it, report it, stop it

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Neighbourhood team

Our Neighbourhood team are here to make sure you feel safe and happy in your community. They carry out regular estate inspections, playground checks and weekly health & safety tests at our sheltered and ex-sheltered schemes. The team can help with abandoned vehicles, graffiti removal, fly-tipping and management of your bin stores - they'll always work with you to improve your community.

To find out more about how we maintain your neighbourhood and how often we inspect your community, please take a look at our Neighbourhood Standard below. You can also report any problems using our online form.

Grounds maintenance

Find out what we're doing every year to make sure your communal spaces are loved and looked after. We manage hedges, shrubs, cut grass and spray and manage weeds. 

If you'd like to find out more or see our maintenance schedule click on the link below. 

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