Mutual exchange

Swapping your home

If you're interested in swapping houses with a fellow housing association tenant, then mutual exchange could be right for you. It could be your ticket to a new home, more suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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What is mutual exchange and what are the benefits?

Overtime your living situation can change, and you may need to start looking for a new home. Whether you need to downsize to a smaller home, move to a bigger home as your family has grown, or you want to be closer to loved ones, mutual exchange could be the right option for you.

Mutual exchange is a way for social housing tenants to swap homes with each other. You can swap with tenants from across the UK and can try a multi way swap to help you find the perfect home for you.

Find out if you’re eligible

Before you can apply for a house exchange, you should make sure the house you’re looking to move to is affordable for you. We’ll support you with an affordability statement to ensure the home is suitable for you, and you may need to provide details of your income and expenses.

You can only swap with a tenant whose landlord is a local authority, housing association, or other registered provider of social housing – and you’ll need written consent from us and them. You’ll also need to have a secure, assured, or fixed-term tenancy

You’ll need permission

You and the tenant you’re swapping with will both need permission. We don’t like to refuse mutual exchanges, but sometimes we must. Some reasons for this could be, you don’t have a clear rent account, you are subject to a possession order or suspended possession order, or the new home has been adapted for those with a disability which you do not require.

You'll be responsible for organising and agreeing the final details of your exchange with the new tenant. This might include agreeing whether carpet or flooring will be left or removed, whether rubbish will be cleared, or if the property will be decorated.

What are the next steps?

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Top tips for finding your perfect home

We strongly recommend you visit the home you plan to move into in person, to ensure it’s suitable for you and your families’ needs. You should also research the local area and amenities. Below are some top tips to help find the perfect home for you.


Make sure you visit the property during day light hours and at different times of day, on weekdays and at the weekend. Always allow plenty of time to look around.


Don’t be afraid to look behind furniture or check the water pressure. Ask yourself questions like is there enough storage space? Where will my furniture go? Try to visualise yourself living there.


Finding the right location is important, so take time to look around the area and scout out amenities such as shops and schools. How long will it take you to get to work and how far will you be from friends and family?

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Registering your home

One way you can register your home and find someone to swap with is by signing up for free with House Exchange. You can use the House Exchange website to advertise your home and contact other people who are looking to move.

There are hundreds of people already using House Exchange to swap their home, which means whether you want to move locally or relocate further, there are plenty of options.

How to apply

All parties in the exchange will need to complete an application form, which you can find below. We’ll let you know whether the exchange has been approved within 42 days of receiving the forms. Once your application is approved, it will take around 6 weeks for your exchange to go ahead. If you’re unable to use our online form, please contact us to request a paper copy.

Remember, either tenant may decide to withdraw from the exchange at any time before the new tenancies have been signed.

Samphire tenants

Non Samphire tenants

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What to expect once you’ve moved into your new home

We hope that you feel happy and comfortable as soon as you step inside your new home. Once you’ve exchanged, Samphire will not be responsible for any decorations, clearance of rubbish from the property or repairs, as this is the responsibility of the tenant. You should discuss the fixtures and fitting which will remain in the property, such as curtains, blinds and carpets with the tenant at an early stage. To find out more about what we’re responsible for, and your responsibilities as a tenant, visit the Your Home page of our website.