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Join our Digital Experience Group

We’re looking for tenants to join our Digital Experience Group! Whether you’re a complete beginner or tech savvy, you can help us design, develop and test our digital services. As part of the group, you’ll make sure it’s easy for our tenants to do everything they want to online.

We’ll help you along the way, supporting you as you learn new digital skills and always listen to your feedback.

Something for everyone

Life can be busy, and time is precious. That’s why we are making it easy to have your voice heard in a way that suits you. Getting involved isn’t always everyone’s thing, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. We’re creating a new offer for Samphire tenants. One that is simple, inclusive and offers you choice.

Soon, there will be new ways to connect with us – whether it’s through a focus group, online or out in your community, you’ll have the opportunity to have your say on what matters to you.

Our tenant involvement is split in to three areas: Personal, Local and Flagship Group – you can find out more on each below…

It’s a personal thing

Make your involvement personal by influencing what matters most to you.

You have first-hand experience of our services and know what we’re doing well, and what we could do better. You can give your feedback from the comfort of your own home and be in for a chance of winning a prize by signing up to 'The Platform’. You’ll receive online surveys straight to your inbox and we’ll use your comments to help shape our services around you.

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It’s a local thing

Make your involvement local and have your say on your community.

Spotlight – when our tenants, or staff, recognise a concern within a community, we can host an engagement event to see how things can be improved. We’ve had to put this on hold due to Covid-19, but let us know if you’d like to work with us on a future event.

Residents’ associations – if you’d like to start a tenant group, we can help to recruit and get the ball rolling – with the right terms of reference and governance in place. We’ll work to understand any problems and play our part in identifying solutions. 

Community champions – By becoming a community champion, you can help us to improve our communal spaces and tackle any neighbourhood problems. 

It's a Group thing

Make your involvement count by influencing key decisions, policies, procedures and services across Flagship Group.

Tenant Overview Panel – As part of our Tenant Overview Panel, you can have your say on a wider range of issues and help to make important decisions that will shape the future of our 30,000+ tenants!

Tenant Experience Group – We welcome complaints. They help us to understand how we can fix any problems and make sure they don’t happen again. We’re asking our tenants to help review complaints to make sure we’re doing the right thing. If you’re interested in joining, let us know.

Digital Experience Group – Whether you’re a complete beginner, or tech savvy, you can join our Digital Experience Group to help test our future-thinking services – ensuring they are fit for the ever-evolving digital world. The group make sure our digital services are simple, easy to use and effective, and let us know how they could be improved.

There's something in it for everyone, including you!

Getting involved is a win-win for everyone – you develop new skills, while helping us understand what is important.

  • Boost your confidence and wellbeing
  • Help shape future decisions within our business
  • Connect with people
  • Gain valuable skills and experience
  • Improve services and make a difference to communities

If you do want to get involved in some of our bigger projects, such being part of one of our groups, then we can provide you the necessary training to help you get involved in a way that works for you.

We’ll also reimburse you for any travel or other expenses too, so you won’t be out of pocket.

Commitment to improving tenant involvement

We’re proud members of customer engagement experts TPAS, who help us to improve how we involve our tenants and the wider community in what we do.

Membership means we have access to additional support and advice. By increasing our skills and knowledge we will be able to raise our engagement standards across the board. This reinforces our commitment of giving you the opportunity to influence our work so that we can continually improve the services we offer.


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Find out more and join as a tenant here to access resources and member benefits.